Website Development.

Website Development
We carved a niche for ourselves as the unquestionable leaders in the web design and development industry.

A website is the real representation of your online business and the main purpose of a website is to attract new customers and offer them an engaging platform to provide the services they need. As a fully integrated and creative Website Design and Development Company in Dubai, AntHub boasts of having a crack team of web designers and developers proficient at building data-rich applications that deliver exceptional results.

Our web designers, website developers, project managers, and online marketing professionals follow industry-standard web development practices to build feature-rich websites that perform. From conceptualization to the launch, we ensure that proper testing is carried out at each stage of development.

AntHub is bestowed with talented web developers capable of providing professional web design services
Web Design

AntHub’s website development team analyses the requirements from the client and adopts an efficient web development framework to design architecture for the website that includes all the elements recommended by the client.

Design & UI Coding:

Based on the architecture modeled in the planning phase, the web designing team builds a prototype of the design and submits it to the client for checking the match with the prescribed requirements. Based on the suggestions made by the client, the team rebuilds the prototype and will finalize it when the requirements are met.


In the development phase, all the design elements are included to build the actual website. All the functional and aesthetic elements are designed in a way to reflect the brand’s purpose. To incorporate all the elements, our web developers code the logic and integrate the database (DB) with the user interface. In this phase, an iterative process is carried out by the testing team along with the development team to test for errors and bugs in the code.

Use Acceptance Testing:

In this testing phase, the clients review the site to check whether the application had met the requirements previously specified by them. The feedback from the clients is collected and our team makes necessary changes as per the recommendations made by them. After the successful completion of this phase, our team will move to the launching or implementation phase.


Our adept specialists perform some of the critical tasks in this phase such as merging of code, data migration, domain name redirection, setup and configuration of the server, etc. to successfully launch your website.

Ant Hub has an accomplished team of custom web developers and e-commerce specialists dedicated to building responsive & functionality-rich e-commerce and customized websites integrated with various Social Media Channels.

With an immense industry e-commerce experience, Ant Hub designs creative and highly-functional e-commerce platforms that help businesses make sales and deliver services online. We design unique, captivating and responsive e-commerce websites that compel online users to choose your services over your competitors.

Custom Web Design:

Does your current website lack user-friendly look and feel? We take pride in ourselves being one of the reliable custom web design company in Dubai having a powerful team of top web designers who have deep cross experience in designing refined and unique websites that match with your brand guidelines.